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ATTENTION: People who are looking for OFW games,its very easy to get CFW now. Just check "CFW Update" section and find out how!

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CFW Update

This Video will show ALL PSP users how to install Custom Firmware, That Includes the PSP Go, 1000 Series, 2000 Series, & 3000 Series. It is very fast and will work 100% as long as you follow the instructions in the video above. The ONLY requirement is that you have to be on the official 6.39, 6.35 OR 6.20 Firmware which is very easy to do (See Below)
The Pros of being on Custom Firmware 6.39 Is you are able to access the PSN network & You Don’t have to worry about updating Accidentally, while the con is that it is not permanent. You will have to run a FastRecovery in order to enable CFW after rebooting or your battery dying.
If you are NOT on 6.39 but would like to be then Download the 6.39 Update below for your PSP model and put the update in PSP/GAME/UPDATE. If you do not have a folder named UPDATE then create one with all Capital Letters.
If You would like to Downgrade to 6.20 for Permanent Custom Firmware then CLICK HERE:DOWNGRADE TO 6.20 GUIDE
OFW 6.39 For ALL Other PSP Models : DOWNLOAD
6.39 Pro-B8 (NEWEST Custom Firmware Available) BELOW:
PRO-B8 For 6.20 Pro-B8 6.20 DOWNLOAD
PRO-B8 For 6.35 Pro-B8 6.35 DOWNLOAD
PRO-B8 For 6.39 Pro-B8 6.39 DOWNLOAD
Step 1. Drag the 2 Files Called FastRecovery & PROUPDATE To: PSP/GAME & Drop them there. NOTE If You are on firmware 6.20 then you do NOT need FastRecovery But instead drag in the Permanent Patch. Next On your psp Run PROUPDATE (with the genesis background) & Once the black screen with text appears click “X” and “X” Again.
Step 2. You are Done! Now you must remember that this Custom Firmware is Semi Permanent. If you reboot your PSP or your battery dies you must run FastRecovery Every time after rebooting in order to enable custom firmware again (It only takes about 15 Seconds). If you are on 6.39 then you need to run the Permanent Patch if you haven’t already.



Download the 6.60 PRO-B9 file below and extract the 'PRO UPDATE' folder & 'FAST RECOVERY' to PSP>Games.Then just go to your PSP and install 'PRO UPDATE'! Thats it! Enjoy!!
CFW 6.xx Pro-B10 Update!

Well i know this is kind of late but still felt i had to post this update :). Feel free to download the updates for your psp version accordingly. If you have any doubts or wish to know how to install, take a moment to look at the above video. the download links are given below: